About us

Digislide is an Australian based group of companies that has gained national, international and global awards for its innovative miniature projection technologies and products.

 Digislide undertakes research and development, outsources manufacturing to proven quality manufacturers, and markets and distributes its projectors and projector peripherals to professional and consumer markets around the world.

Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in North America  and Australia, Digislide designs, develops, manufactures and distributes award winning products to consumer markets, and licences its digital convergence technologies encompassing, video projection and telecommunications merged solutions to manufacturers and other strategic alliance partners.

 At Digislide we focus on our customers’ future needs by implementing carefully considered commercialisation strategies of our intellectual property.


“to be the global pioneer of innovative display technologies”

To gain a 0.06% share of worldwide projection and telecommunications markets through the design, development and commercialisation of proprietary products and licensed technologies.


“to excel in the design and manufacture of innovative digital convergence technologies and capture a significant share of global markets, through the careful management of our inventors’ dreams, investors’ assets and employees’ futures”

Digislide’s Core Values

Culture is the amalgamation of beliefs built up by people over time. It is more implicit than explicit, with minimum written rules, but an expectation of behaviours based on values and beliefs in the organisation’s goals.

Digislide’s Core Values can be summarised as:-

  • Respect – All personnel, contractors, suppliers, customers and shareholders are people of equal value and worthy of equal respect
  • Diversity and Unity – Everyone has a life story/narrative to be considered and respected, we join our life stories to make the Digislide meta narrative. Through unity we bring purpose, harmony and efficiency to Digislide.
  • Imagination and Creativity – Imagination is the seedbed of creativity and the essence of innovation
  • Risk-Taking – Essential for development. Risk Management essential for survival
  • Transparency and Integrity – leading to trust and understanding
  • Personal Accountability – Promoting responsible action
  • Respect for Authority – Ensuring safety, quality and compliance