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WeSii™ Gaming Bundle - Projector & Docking Station

WeSii™ is a new generation product for a new generation of mobile gamers.  It is comprised of two separate parts, the WeSii™ projector and the WeSii™ audio dock system.

Bundle package includes:

1 x WeSii™ Mini Projector
1 x WeSii™ Audi Dock 

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WeSii™ was born global. Whilst still under development in 2010, the Australian Information Industry Association awarded State and National awards to WeSii™ for Media and Entertainment.


WeSii™ by Digislide, is a truly innovative convergence product. WeSii™ comprises two discrete products with four distinct functions, projection, sound, mobility and interactivity.

Designed as a companion to the 5 biggest selling products on earth, WeSii™ interfaces with Wii™, Playstation™, XBox™, iPOD™ and iPHONE™.  


  • Compact, lightweight and highly portable
  • Composite video plug-n-play ready
  • Companion to mobile devices such as Portable Media Players, digital cameras, mobile phones*
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Continuous projection for up to 2 hours

WeSii™ projector and audio docking system puts a Home Theatre in Your Hand™ and enables you to Project Your Image™ from your favourite telecommunications or display source.

The WeSii™ is not limited to being a companion for the Wii™ console. With the WeSii™ projector docked into the audio system, it will interface with:-

  • Nintendo DS™• Sony’s suite of Playstation™ products
  • Microsoft’s XBox360™
  • DVD players
  • Digital cameras; and
  • any visual display product with composite video output.

The WeSii™ projector is decouplable, and can be popped in a pocket or purse, to be interfaced with:-

  • smart phones with TV functionality; and
  • laptops or notebooks (via a VGA converter) to display sales presentations, family photos, or any other digital information

Innovative in concept, brilliant in design, WeSii™ sits astride the Wii™ console, providing sound, interactivity via an inbuilt infrared curtain, and projection. The infrared curtain has been designed into the WeSii™ audio system, so there’s no need for the fragile Wii™ sensor bar to travel. AND, WeSii™’s infrared curtain has an expanded capacity, allowing individual players to spread further out and use more physicality in their game.

WeSii™ is a new generation product for a new generation of mobile gamers.  It is comprised of two separate parts, the WeSii™ projector and the WeSii™ audio system.

If you prefer, the WeSii™ audio visual system can be decoupled from the console, and sit flat on a nearby surface. Speakers are able to lie flat, creating a low profile audio system that can be used with any games console, DVD player or digital camera. 

WeSii™ is robust… it’s built to go.  WeSii™ can go to the bedroom when others simply want to watch TV! WeSii™ can go Grandma’s so you don’t get bored.  WeSii™ can go to school, or to a mates’ place after school.WeSii™ can go on holidays – it can go to the shack, it can go tenting or caravanning. 

Anywhere YOU go, WeSii™ can go!


  • Display Technology LCOS Technology
  • Light Source LED
  • Resolution VGA 640 x 480 pixel
  • Brightness (Typical) 8 ~ 10 Lumens
  • Frame Rate 50/60Hz PAL & NTSC Compatible
  • Color 24-bit RGB
  • Image Size (Diagonal) 5in at 0.2m / 73.5in at 3.0m
  • Projection Distance 0.2m to Infinite
  • Uniformity 90% 90%90%90%
  • Focus Manual Focus
  • I/O Connection AV cable
  • Speaker Mono
  • Weight Mono
  • Dimensions 60 x 113 x 18mm (W x L x D)
  • Power Supply: Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Life Up to 2 hours

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